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From:Paul McCullagh Date:March 14 2008 3:02pm
Subject:[ANN] PBXT storage engine version 1.0-Alpha released
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Hi All,

I have just released the first fully durable version of PBXT. Because  
of the amount of new code I have reverted PBXT to Alpha status. This  
version, 1.0-alpha, can be downloaded from: 

PBXT is a highly scalable, transactional storage engine for MySQL.  
The main features are: multi-version concurrency control (MVCC), ACID  
compliant, Referential Integrity and BLOB streaming (http://

The PBXT project is now owned and funded by PrimeBase Technologies,  
an open source software development company. The web-site, http://, is also the new home of PBXT. Here you will find  
all the information, documentation, downloads, and links relating to  

I will also be talking about PBXT and BLOB streaming at the MySQL  
Conference & Expo 2008 next month. It would be great to see you  
Topics of my sessions include:

   * Internals: How I made PBXT fully-durable.
   * PBXT & SSD: Why this is a hot combination!
   * BLOB streaming: How do you scale it?

Besides full durability, the latest release includes the following  

   * Calculation of index statistics as required by the optimizer.
   * New system variables (see 
   * Implementation of SELECT FOR UPDATE.
   * Group commit.

Note that this release does not have is an option to relax  
durability. The transaction log is always flushed on commit. A system  
variable to control the writing/flushing behavior of PBXT will be  
added to the next release.

Don't forget to look me up at the conference!

Best regards,

Paul McCullagh

[ANN] PBXT storage engine version 1.0-Alpha releasedPaul McCullagh14 Mar
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