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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 23 2001 12:22pm
Subject:C API -- using mysql_ping()
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>>>>> "btjones" == btjones  <btjones@stripped> writes:

btjones> If a connection has been closed by the mySQL server, like in a timeout
btjones> condition, does the API function mysql_ping() awake the connection again if
btjones> the reconnect flag was set, or will it just return a lost server error?

It will awake the connections if the reconnect flag was set.
This is what we do in MyODBC!

btjones> In other words, if I'm testing to see if a long-unused connection is dead
btjones> before I close it by calling mysql_ping(), am I then forced to call
btjones> mysql_close() or can I assume the connection is closed and lost and just
btjones> free up the memory I've used for the connection?  If I call mysql_close()
btjones> on a connection that's already closed, will it just return quietly or will
btjones> it segfault?

The above shouldn't need to be done.

btjones> Are there any differences in the implementation of these functions between
btjones> 3.22 and 3.23? Specifically will 3.22 stay timed out but 3.23 reconnect or
btjones> something similar?

The code is identical between 3.22 and 3.23 in this case.

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