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From:Tith Sakal Date:December 21 2007 3:04am
Subject:How to add new character set ?
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Dear Sir,

     I'm so sorry for the same question. My purpose is adding new
character set and collation process to MySQL for Windows.
I'm trying to read many documents related to adding new character set
to MySQL. I've read the document which
describes how to add Vietnamese Unicode collation to MySQL, but it
sill cannot help me to accomplish my task.

     The ways that I chose to add new character set is changing the
source code. My Language is a complex script and supported by UTF8
encoding, the Unicode range is from U+1780 to U+19FF. My Language is
also has a sorting rule order.

     Here are some of my questions. Please help me with this.

       1- Where can I add my character code and which file should I
need to modify ?
       2- My Language has a sorting rule order, only one sorting rule
order, so, should I define a new function for the collation?
           Which file should I need to define the function ?
       3- After I have done how I can build the project to test the program

The Best Regards,
How to add new character set ?Tith Sakal21 Dec