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From:Eric Bergen Date:July 29 2007 8:27pm
Subject:Re: multiple current_timestamp
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It makes sense to only allow one field to have current_timestamp
because having more than one field with current_timestamp would mean
both columns are storing the same data. Is it really that difficult to
have date_updated be current_timestamp and date_added set to null in
the insert query? I don't understand the need for triggers. What
problem are you trying to solve with code or triggers?

On 7/28/07, Arnold Daniels <info@stripped> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Why can there be only one timestamp field with current_timestamp in
> default or on update?
> I've been wondered about this for a long time. A table often has a field
> `date_added`, with the current timestamp only as default, and a field
> `date_changed` with a changing timestamp upon updating. Basically it is
> irritating me, since now I have to either solve this in code or use a
> trigger. Also because I do not understand why this limitation is necessary.
> Is this something that is subjected to change in MySQL 6? I haven't seen
> any plans for it.
> Best regards,
> Arnold
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