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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 22 2001 10:54pm
Subject:Re: ERROR 1040: Too many connections
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>>>>> "Filippo" == Filippo Carletti <filippo.carletti@stripped>
> writes:

>> >Sometimes something bad happens in a server and it is hard to figure out
>> >what is going on because we can not get in. I'd like to suggest a change
Filippo> for
>> >MySQL 4 protocol, such that a connection from localhost can still get
>> >through even if there are too many connections.
>> It is already there - max_connections limit is actually for the user
Filippo> without
>> process_priv. For the user with process_priv, the limit is max_connections
Filippo> +
>> 1. The trick is not to connect as root for your regular connections.

Filippo> There must be a problem, then.
Filippo> It happens to me, often, that I cannot obtain a proc or ext with mysqladmin
Filippo> as root.
Filippo> All accesses are through an unpriv username, I have max_connections=1000 and
Filippo> a
Filippo> ps ax | grep mysqld | wc -l gives me a value lower than 1000, so there must
Filippo> be room for one more connection.

Filippo> Filippo

What error do you get?

Are you sure that your other users dosn't have the 'PROCESS_PRIV' privilege?