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From:Lenz Grimmer Date:June 19 2007 8:10pm
Subject:Code reviews performed in public
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those of you who are pulling from the BK source trees may have noticed it
already: we have slightly updated our post-commit triggers to only send commit
messages to the public commits@stripped mailing list (instead of sending
copies to MySQL-internal mailing lists as well). The change is expected to
slowly propagate into the various team trees, so this will be a gradual

The intention behind this is to perform code reviews and push approvals via
this public commit mailing list instead of doing them in private, as it used to
be the case so far.

By doing so we want to encourage community participation and making our
development process more transparent. We also hope to get more and better
contributions in the long run, as we expect the contributors to learn from our
review standards applied internally. Potential errors in a patch or glitches
that were not noticed by a reviewer will also more likely be caught by others
that may be following the review process. Quoting Eric S Raymond: "Given enough
eyeballs, all bugs are shallow."

In the long run, keeping the commits and reviews in one mailing list will allow
us to better integrate this process with other tools like the Bugs Database.

So if you are curious to learn more about how we perform code reviews and what
stuff the developers are currently working on, consider joining this list! You
can subscribe to it via (archives are
available from there, too) or by sending an empty email to

Some more information about Code reviews and coding guidelines can be found on
the MySQL Forge Wiki as well:


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