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From:R Blake Date:April 29 2002 2:17am
Subject:help / MySQL 3.23.49 vs. BerkeleyDB 4.0.14?
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hi all,

i've built mysql-3.23.49 on MacOSX Server 10.1.4, as well as Sleepycat's
BerkeleyDB 4.0.14.

i note the "--with-berkeley-db" options in configure, but am stumped as to
if/how to allow support for the bdb 4.0.14 version.  mysql (in configure,
acinclude.m4 & aclocal.m4) seems to limit to bdb-3.x.x support.

also, i've read that a "patched bdb" is required in the manual, and that
use of a NON-patched bdb will not work .....

fyi, InnoDB support seems to work fine as an alternative ......

comments on status/implementation?



R Blake

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