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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 22 2001 6:21am
Subject:Problem with Replication Tests
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>>>>> "Tobias" == Tobias Oberstein <Tobias.Oberstein@stripped> writes:

Tobias> Hi there,
Tobias> I've build and installed MySQL 3.23.31 with BerkeleyDB from
Tobias> the source tarballs on OpenBSD 2.8 i686.

Tobias> All tests from the mysql-test dir run fine .. except the
Tobias> all rpl000xx tests.

Tobias> My problem is, that the test driver prg just _hangs_ .. no
Tobias> error message, nothing in the var/xx.err xx.log files.

Tobias> Maybe it is just a sublte configuration problem? I've
Tobias> included the contents of /include/

Tobias> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Tobias> Many thanks, greets Toby.

I just fixed a timing problem that caused this.  This will be in
3.23.32, which I am building now...

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