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From:Wei Li Date:December 5 2006 9:45pm
Subject:InnoDB: lock_clust_rec_read_check_and_lock()
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I wonder whether the intention lock check in
lock_clust_rec_read_check_and_lock() is really needed:
	ut_ad(mode != LOCK_X
	      || lock_table_has(thr_get_trx(thr), index->table, LOCK_IX));
	ut_ad(mode != LOCK_S
	      || lock_table_has(thr_get_trx(thr), index->table, LOCK_IS));
	if (!page_rec_is_supremum(rec)) {
		lock_rec_convert_impl_to_expl(rec, index);

If I enable innodb and read commited mode in the slave, mysql test
rpl000001 crashes in
debug model.  But, it works fine in optimized mode.

InnoDB: lock_clust_rec_read_check_and_lock()Wei Li5 Dec
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