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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 21 2002 3:54pm
Subject:MySQL 3.23.42 OS/2: db corruption
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>>>>> "Yuri" == Yuri Dario <mc6530@stripped> writes:

Yuri> Hi,
Yuri> one OS/2 based site is running MySQL 3.23.42 to handle forums and
Yuri> banner ads. But seems that databases are being corrupted quite easy.
Yuri> This is the only complaint about it, other comments are all positive.


Yuri> I have a sample corrupted (and small) database here, it is 59KB zipped.

Yuri> Could you give it a try?

Sorry, but a corrupted database will not help us in any way to find
out why it was corrupted.

In 99 % of all cases, the cause of a table corruption is that mysqld
was not shut down properly.

MyISAM table problems.

Can you please try to make a full bug report regarding this, with
includes all possible background + logfile information.

you can find more information regarding this in the manual sections
'MyISAM table problems' and on the following links:


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