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From:Arjan Hulshoff Date:August 18 2006 5:26am
Subject:Re: MySQL user authentication and LDAP
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Jim Winstead wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 17, 2006 at 10:53:15PM +0200, Arjan Hulshoff wrote:
>> So there is already some work done on this subject. However I don't see 
>> that there is thought of the possibility to add user groups or am I 
>> mistaken?
> Support for roles (what I believe you mean by "user groups") is part of
> another task, and the high-level specification of that hasn't been
> published yet.
> Jim Winstead
> MySQL Inc.
Well, I actually mean things like Organizational Units and those kind of 
things in LDAP. This way you don't need to give every single user access 
to a database. But e.g. in LDAP I would be authenticated like 
dc=example,dc=com,ou=dba,cn=arjan, then I would like to tell MySQL that 
all users belonging to ou=dba have all the rights to maintain the 
database server. This is very usefull when I have a large group of users 
with the same rights and it would be easier for me to manage it. On the 
other hand, you still should be able to give an individual user more 
rights, then he can have according to the ou. So I think there is a 
slight difference with roles, these are groups that are made 
specifically in a database. That could be a way to give a single user 
more rights. This way managing users is used in MS SQL Server 2005 and 
is very practical for simple user maintenance.

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