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From:Paul McCullagh Date:August 1 2006 8:19am
Subject:Re: Bug fix for multi-table UPDATE IGNORE
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Hi Lenz,

>> I found a bug that can cause an engine to crash when executing a 
>> statement of
>> the form:
>> UPDATE IGNORE t1, t2 ...;
>> The problem is, extra(HA_EXTRA_IGNORE_DUP_KEY) is not called in this 
>> case to
>> inform the engine to ignore the duplicate key errors.
>> I have included a bug fix for the version I am using below. As far as 
>> I can
>> tell, the code must also be added to mysql_multi_update_prepare() in 
>> version
>> 5.1.
> Thanks a lot! Would it possible to provide a diff against the last 5.1 
> snapshot?

I am just starting work on 5.1 this week, so I will look into it...

> And for bug fixes like that it may make sense to
> open a bug report and attach the patch to the report. Sometimes stuff 
> can fall
> through the cracks on a mailing list...

Will do!

Best regards,


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