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From:Hagen Höpfner Date:February 19 2006 12:25pm
Subject:Re: MYI ... Basedata ...
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>> ------------------------------------------------------------
>>   mi_int4store(ptr,base->pack_reclength);        ptr +=4;
>> Is this the average for a packed record? If so, how is it computed? If I
>> do not pack the data file, then pack_reclength is equal to reclength,
>> isn't it?
> How it's computed - see mi_create.c.
> It's equal if there's no live checksum, and pack_reclength
> is not less than rec_reflength.
> Not the average, it's basically the reclength above without
> rec_reflength/checksum correction.
Hm, I looked at the source code and found:

  share.base.pack_reclength=reclength+ test(options & HA_OPTION_CHECKSUM);

For me this looks like that pack_reclength is the reclength WITH
corrections. However, as longer as I think about the MyISAM driver as
more obvious is the question, what "pack" means exactly. Does it
really mean compression or only the way of representing (uncompressed)
the data in main memory?

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