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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 6 2002 6:49pm
Subject:generated shift-jis errmsg.sys
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>>>>> "Joel" == Joel Rees <joel@stripped> writes:

Joel> Was able to produce a shift-jis version of errmsg.sys today. Three
Joel> questions:

Joel> Do you want it? Where should I send it?

Joel> Is it best to have the exact same translations as the euc-jis version of
Joel> errmsg.txt?

Please upload the modified errmsg.txt file to and we will take a look at these ASAP!

Joel> It's only partially translated. I'm thinking of finishing the translation
Joel> (and maybe retranslating it to my own tastes) a little at a time. Is anyone
Joel> with native Japanese ability already working on completing it?

I don't know of anyone else working on this.

Joel> Joel Rees
Joel> Alps Giken Kansai Systems Develoment
Joel> Suita, Osaka


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generated shift-jis errmsg.sysJoel Rees5 Apr
  • generated shift-jis errmsg.sysMichael Widenius6 Apr