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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 3 2002 7:53am
Subject:NIS problems?
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>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Kunze <mkunze@stripped> writes:

Michael> Hi all,
Michael> I hope this is not off topic here, but I'm encountering a funny bug 
Michael> which must have to do with MySQL internals.


Michael> Unfortunately, the modifiction of nsswitch.conf prevents mysqld from 
Michael> starting. I get some strange error messages:

Michael> mysqld got signal 11;
Michael> [...]
Michael> Bogus stack limit or frame pointer, fp=0xbfffdba8, 
Michael> stack_bottom=0x7c99c290, thread_stack=65536, aborting backtrace.
Michael> Trying to get some variables.
Michael> Some pointers may be invalid and cause the dump to abort...
thd-> query at 0x7bcebb90  is invalid pointer
thd-> thread_id=12
Michael> [...]


Michael> Any patch or workaround would be really appreciated because I neither 
Michael> can do without LDAP nor without MySQL.

Could you try to either resolve the stack trace in the error file or
download the MySQL source, configure it with '--with-debug' and run
mysqld under gdb to get a true stack trace ?

To be able to help you with this, we need to know where and why MySQL


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