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From:Thimble Smith Date:January 17 2001 3:17pm
Subject:Re: lockup from keyboard input
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On Wed, Jan 17, 2001 at 09:30:41AM -0500, Daniel M. Blaisdell II wrote:
> After having executed a query, you click on a cell, and then type a letter
> on the keyboard the program locks up.
> System:
> windows 2000, p3-500, 256 Megs of ram

This list is for discussing the internal code of MySQL.  Bug reports
should go to mysql@stripped or (if they come with full details
and a repeatable test case) bugs@stripped.

Please ask your question to mysql@stripped, the general MySQL
list.  In order to handle the volume of mail we get, we need to be
somewhat strict about where questions get posted.  A list of all of
the available MySQL mailing lists is available from our web site.


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