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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 21 2002 3:08pm
Subject:Re: skip locks
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>>>>> "Mike" == Mike Mangino <mmangino@stripped> writes:


Mike> select * from queue_table order by priority limit 1 for update skip
Mike> locked;

Mike> That will return the first row eligible for processing.

Mike> I don't see anything that corresponds to that in MySQL or InnoDB. I am
Mike> not afraid of doing the implementation, I just some pushing in the
Mike> direction of where this gets implemented. It looked at first glance like
Mike> I might be able to implement that in the mysql locking, but after a few
Mike> hours of reading code, it looks like it may need to happen in the actual
Mike> handler for the table code. Is there technical documentation on the
Mike> locking mechanisms in MySQL and InnoDB somewhere?

Sorry, but there is not any technical documentation of this yet.
Feel free to send any questions you have about this to this list and
we will try to answer your questions...


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