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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 18 2002 2:15pm
Subject:adding messages and a character set for shift-jis
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>>>>> "Joel" == Joel Rees <joel@stripped> writes:

Joel> I'm a newbie, so please have patience with me.
Joel> I have converted the errmsg.txt file in the mysql/share/japanese directory
Joel> from euc to shift-jis using a text editor. It looks like I should be able to
Joel> run comp_err on the shift-jis file and save the resulting errmsg.sys (with
Joel> the shift-jis copy of errmsg.txt) to (say) mysql/share/japanese-sjis, then
Joel> specify this file in my.ini so I can read error messages in Japanese on
Joel> MSWin2k.

Joel> But comp_err doesn't seem to be in the win32 distribution. So I am thinking,
Joel> I should be able to load mysql into openBSD and do the conversion there. Or
Joel> is the comp_err tool available for MSWindows?

Sorry for the delayed response.

Yes, you can do the conversion on openBSD.  We will look into adding a
separate windows distribution of some common tools we use to build and
maintain the MySQL distributions.  Miguel, could you please put this
on your todo ?

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