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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 6 2002 7:35pm
Subject:Re: Re: Strange error during mysql-4.0.2 compilation

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>>>>> "Fournier" == Fournier Jocelyn <[Presence-PC]"
> <joc@stripped>> writes:

Fournier> Hi,
Fournier> In fact the problem was not in autoconf but in automake : it seems the new
Fournier> modification in the build process are no more compatible with automake-1.5 :
Fournier> I installed automake-1.4p5 and now it works fine. autoconf-2.52 is ok.

Thanks for the update; I have updated the manual regarding this and 
will put on my todo to fix automake 1.5 in 4.0.2 shortly.

Re: Re: Strange error during mysql-4.0.2 compilationMichael Widenius6 Mar