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From:Matt Wagner Date:March 4 2002 5:28am
Subject:Re: MySQL and Sub-Queries
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On Sun, 2002-03-03 at 20:57, Matt Chanda wrote:
> Hello.  My name is Matt Chanda and I have been working on a version of MySQL
> with sub-queries for a while now.  I have been working on it for my Masters
> of Engineering thesis.  I did not advertise my work because my primary goal
> was to complete my thesis.  I think there would be interest in my code.  I
> have been doing my work with Dr. Antonio Badia, a Computer Engineering
> Computer Science Professor for the Speed Scientific School at the University
> of Louisville.
> The changes that I have added are: FROM clause sub-queries (FROM (subquery)
> alias), non-correlated WHERE clause sub-queries including; {NOT} IN
> (subquery), {NOT} EXISTS (subquery), ident {=,<,<=,>,>=) {SOME | ALL}
> (subquery), and single value sub-queries (e.g. WHERE identifier=(subquery)).
> I can explain the changes further later when I have finished writing my
> thesis.  I have tested my changes on small data sets and they work
> correctly.  However, I have not completed testing.  I have not added many
> optimizations to the sub-queries because I was concentrating on
> functionality.
> If there is interest in using my changes in the next MySQL version, I would
> appreciate it if someone would email me about it.  I hope to make my code
> available soon to everyone.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Matt,

We have recently begun work on Sub-Selects targetted for MySQL 4.1. The
lead developer for this project is Sanja Byelkin <sanja@stripped>.

We would be very interested to have a look at your work for possible
inclusion into this project.

If you are indeed interested in working with us, or sharing what you
have accomplished already, please send me an email. We'll try to get
something worked out.

Thanks Matt!


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