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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 2 2002 3:56am
Subject:Isolation Levels in BDB?
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>>>>> "Jeremy" == Jeremy Zawodny <jzawodn@stripped> writes:

Jeremy> Since it's not documented, I guess I'll ask here.
Jeremy>   What isolation level do BDB tables operate at?

Jeremy>   Can it be changed?  If so, how?

Currently it can't be changed.

BDB development in MySQL (not by sleepycat) is just now on hold as we
don't have an assigned developers responsible for this.
(We are however still trying to fix all reported bugs in BDB tables)

Jeremy>   Does "SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL" affect them at all?


Jeremy>   What about "... FOR UPDATE" and/or "... LOCK IN SHARE MODE"?


Jeremy>   What is the page size in a BDB table?

Don't know; Have to check this up....

8192 bytes.

Jeremy>   InnoDB has the monitor.  With BDB tables, the only
Jeremy>   diagnostic/performance data is what shows up in the error log when
Jeremy>   problems occur, right?


Jeremy> I'd be glad to whip up a doc patch if there's info to add.

Thanks!  Any help with the documentation is welcome!

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