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From:Michael Widenius Date:February 14 2002 5:15pm
Subject:Re: Manual references to safe_mysqld
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>>>>> "Ken" == Ken Menzel <kenm@stripped> writes:

Ken> Hi Monty and Jeremy,

>> We have been a bit reluctant to update the manual, as most of our
>> users are still using 3.23 and could easily be confused by this.
>> I think we should wait until 4.0 goes into beta before doing the
Ken> update.

Ken> If I may suggest,  Could we have two manuals online then?  One for
Ken> 4.x,  and one for version 3.  I think that this would avoid confusion.
Ken> Furthurmore,  I will volunter some time from my web staff to help
Ken> maintain this (I do understand it is almost double work to have two
Ken> manuals online) if that would help any.

I don't know if this is really necessary.  As long as we are clearly
marking the 4.0 features as such in the manual, we should be ok.

Ken> With all the great stuff (or differences) in 4.0 that is not (or
Ken> different) in 3.23.xx I feel it can already be confusing!  IE
Ken> (Referential integrity,  Replication, Cascadining Deletes, UNIONS,
Ken> FULLTEXT Features, Table to table UPDATE syntax, table details,
Ken> security(SSH?), etc (long list!) ).

Ken> MySQL 4.0.1 is running VERY well here, but I think it may be confusing
Ken> even during the beta stage to have only the beta manual
Ken> online/available for download.  I think both should be there.

Ken> The other suggestion would be to make the online manual only
Ken> the -stable manual,  I know how to build the manual for 4.0 from the
Ken> source,  but I personally like the idea of both the alpha/beta and the
Ken> stable manual being available!  You guy's are doing alot of great work
Ken> it would be good to have it online ASAP!

As the 4.0 manual includes a lot of new stuff, that is highly relevant
also for 3.23, I don't think this is a good way to go either.


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