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From:Michael Widenius Date:February 8 2002 12:44pm
Subject:Re: Manual references to safe_mysqld
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>>>>> "Ken" == Ken Menzel <kenm@stripped> writes:

Ken> Hi Jeremey!
>> I think so.  I just did that recently in my book.  Imagine how many
>> times I got it backwards and ended up second-guessing myself. :-(

Ken> Yes I have that confusion all the time, but it is good to have all
Ken> mysql tools begin with my or mysql.  Also because the installation of
Ken> MySQL does not remove or alter safe_mysqld, on ends up with two
Ken> scripts startin mysql.  This may not be a problem today however if in
Ken> the future the mysqld_safe script is altered for (saftey/features/some
Ken> important reason)  people may end up using the wrong startup script.
Ken> I know my servers use the wrong script!

Ken> My suggestiion would be to check if safe_mysqld exists during the 4.0
Ken> install and if it does remove it, then create a link to mysqld_safe
Ken> named safe_mysqld.  This maintains compatibility for anyone who has
Ken> existing scripts and uses only one!  Then in 4.1 perhaps deprecate the
Ken> safe_mysqld completely,  but  I don't think it's a big problem to
Ken> maintain the link if it exists.

Ken> Thoughts anyone?

Sounds like a good suggestion.  We will look into fixing this for our


Ken> One other thing,   I noticed that Multi-table update is mentioned in
Ken> the 4.0.2 release notes,  but the syntax is not yet in the manual and
Ken> I didn't see the commit!  Did I miss the commit?  I want to pull this
Ken> ASAP and test it.

The multi-table-update is committed, but I haven't had time to review
the code yet;  As soon as this is done, we will update the
documentation about this.

Ken> Thanks everyone,

Ken> Ken

Ken> P.S. to Monty have been trying to recreate the  'row 0' error with
Ken> mysqldump unsuccesfully.  I am not sure what has changed.



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