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From:Michael Widenius Date:February 10 2002 7:08pm
Subject:Manual references to safe_mysqld
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Sorry for the late reply;  I have been traveling and couldn't connect
to the Internet during that time :(

>>>>> "Ken" == Ken Menzel <kenm@stripped> writes:

Ken> With MySQL 4.0 are we not supposed to be using mysqld_safe?  Should'nt
Ken> references in the manual be modified from safe_mysqld to mysqld_safe?
Ken> And possibly a note added to this effect?  I could make this change if
Ken> you like.  Also I am getting ready to update references to freebsd.

Yes, on is supposed to use mysqld_safe on MySQL 4.0.

We have been a bit reluctant to update the manual, as most of our
users are still using 3.23 and could easily be confused by this.

I think we should wait until 4.0 goes into beta before doing the update.

Ken> Not being familiar with bitkeeper I assume I use:
Ken> bk send -d manual.texi

Ken> after I make the changes and someone will be able to review this?  I
Ken> am using vi to edit the texi file unless someone is willing to give me
Ken> a quick crash course on what tools I should be using (I normally work
Ken> in command line but have X available).

yes, this is ok.

Ken> I believe manual changes would apply to the internals list. If not
Ken> please let me know and I will respond/move this thread to the
Ken> appropriate list!

It's ok to use the internals list for this.


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