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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 11 2000 8:22am
Subject:Re: porting to Darwin/Mac OS X
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>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Meyer <cmeyer@stripped> writes:

Chris> Hi Monty,
Chris> OK - I'm back from my vacation to Cape Cod :)

Chris> Thanks for applying this patch. There was another person from Apple 
Chris> that posted a few other goodies for Mac OS X. Did you happen to see 
Chris> those patches also? They fix a few more items that showed up in 
Chris> 3.23.25-beta (mine were for 3.23.24-beta). I can repost his message 
Chris> if you missed it.

I have applied everything that has been forwarded to me; Just to be
sure, please forward the mail to me.

Chris> I want to reiterate one point he made:

Chris>      1. 'rhapsody' (Mac OS X Server; cthreads only) and
Chris>      2. 'darwin' (Mac OS X; cthreads AND pthreads)

Chris> are significantly different... AND the 'standard binary' that is on 
Chris> is actually for 
Chris> 'rhapsody' (Mac OS X Server). It should probably be re-labeled and 
Chris> another one for 'darwin' (Mac OS X) should be posted.

I agree; Matt, can you handle the relable ?

Chris> I'll be happy to make sure everything is in order and coordinate with 
Chris> the person from Apple -- but where/when are the patches you made 
Chris> available? I couldn't find a CVS server for mysql anywhere on the web 
Chris> pages. Is there one and if so, can you give me the URL for setup 
Chris> info? If not, what other way do I have to download/verify the patches?

We are using bk (bitkeeper) instead of CVS.  
Sasha, what is the status of the public bitkeeper tree?

Anyway, we plan to do a release MySQL 3.23.26 within a few days;  This
will include all patches for Darwin!

Chris> Also, of one other minor note: the pthreads deficiencies in Darwin 
Chris> are now being tracked in the Darwin bug-list...


Chris> Thanks,
Chris> Chris

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