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From:M M Date:July 17 2005 11:18am
Subject:modify sql_yacc.yy in mysql source
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I don't know if this is the right place to ask this,
I want to modify the sql_yacc.yy code in windows source code, but there is no such file. I
got sql_yacc.yy from liunx distribution (same version) modified it and make the parser
from it. (bison -y -d .. with version 1.87) the output file worked and it was compiled
with no problem (except the net_printf function which i convert to myerror function.

The server was correctly run but no command worked. I mean even the "create database db;"
command didn't work.

What maybe the problem? what is the correct way of modifing this file in windows source?


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modify sql_yacc.yy in mysql sourceM M17 Jul
  • Re: modify sql_yacc.yy in mysql sourceSergei Golubchik17 Jul