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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 8 2002 1:53am
Subject:Design comments. Temporary tables and privileges
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>>>>> "Alexander" == Alexander Keremidarski <salle@stripped>
> writes:

Alexander> Tables created as CREATE TEMPORARY has some problems in case of complex 
Alexander> privileges system.
Alexander> I hope it is well known problem but, want to ask if you have plans to 
Alexander> solve it and if any how.

Alexander> It seems that every possible way to solve it violates some basic 
Alexander> concepts of MySQL 

Alexander> Concepts:


Alexander> Possible solutions:
Alexander> 1. Create some Database called temp for example and give everyone CREATE 
Alexander> privs there but for Temporary tables only.
Alexander> 2. Change Privlileges system in way that when User creates Temporary 
Alexander> table he is automatically granted ALL Privs on this table
Alexander> 3. Combine 1 and 2 so user can create only temp tables in temp database 
Alexander> but he is granted permissions on this table(s) only.
Alexander> 4. Make 3 implicit i.e. all temp tables are created in some temp space 
Alexander> (tmpdir for example)

It should not be hard to implement 2) for temporary tables. We will
look at this for next MySQL 4.0 release.


Alexander> PS. Ultimate solution - Subselects will remove about 95% of reasons to 
Alexander> use temporary tables :)

Actually no, as there is still lot of things that are easier and
faster with temporary tables.

Anyway, the good news is that we now have a developer that has
started to look at implementing sub selects, so finally things will
start to move in this regard...

Design comments. Temporary tables and privilegesAlexander Keremidarski7 Jan
  • Design comments. Temporary tables and privilegesMichael Widenius7 Jan