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From:Michael Widenius Date:December 28 2001 5:19pm
Subject:filter software (was: Re: patch for mysqldump.c)
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>>>>> "Benjamin" == Benjamin Pflugmann <benjamin-mysql@stripped>
> writes:

Benjamin> Hi.
Benjamin> Just tried to post a patch and wanted to annotate the mail I got
Benjamin> afterwards:

Benjamin> ----- Forwarded message from internals@stripped -----

>> From: internals@stripped

Benjamin> Would be nice, if it came from the address I was sending to:
Benjamin> internals@stripped.

Sasha, can you please fix that?

>> Your message cannot be postsed to internals@ because it
>> contained an attachment. If you need to make a file publically available
>> you should upload it to some public URL, and then paste the URL into your
>> message instead of trying to send it to everyone on the list.

Benjamin> Hm. Well, is that really the policy now? I thought it would be no
Benjamin> problem to post to this list a patch with 100 lines or so. I was just
Benjamin> going to simply resent it as plain text when I read this. Not
Benjamin> everybody has a web page handy. (Of course, I second this policy for
Benjamin> the case the file gets big)

It's ok to 'include' a small patch in your email, but not to do this
as an attachment.  We decided to do this to avoid virus and big
attachments on this email list.

Benjamin> [...]

>> Some mail clients default to sending messages in HTML or multipart format.
>> In this case, your message will also appear as if it has an attachment. Such
>> message formats increase the volume of traffic, and cause readability problems
>> in some mail programs without providing any extra value. Such formats are
>> also frequently used by spammers. For these reasons we disallow such messages.
>> You should disable them in your mail program to be able to post.
>> We have tried to look up the information on how to turn off HTML/multipart
>> in your e-mail program, but our bot unfortunately does not know how to do it
>> for "", which is what you appear to be using. Please consult the

Benjamin> Well, I am using "mutt", not "", so there is something to fix, I
Benjamin> think.

It may be that either our eamil client doesn't correctly report who it
is or we have a bug on our side. Sasha, can you please take a look at

Benjamin> Ah, and when you already dynamically look up which MUA I use, how
Benjamin> about not pasting this whole section, if I did not include HTML at
Benjamin> all? Would be less confusing.

I agree. Sasha ?

>> manual of your e-mail program on how to send messages in plain text.

Benjamin> ----- End forwarded message -----

Benjamin> I would have liked my whole message returned (or at least an excerpt
Benjamin> of it) returned with the message above. Makes it easier to remember
Benjamin> what it was about (or to resent it, for people who don't save their
Benjamin> outgoing mails).

I agree.

Benjamin> Since no contact address was supposed, I simply reply to the given
Benjamin> address.

No problem.

Thanks for the feedback!

filter software (was: Re: patch for mysqldump.c)Benjamin Pflugmann28 Dec
  • filter software (was: Re: patch for mysqldump.c)Michael Widenius28 Dec