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From:Michael Widenius Date:December 27 2001 5:38pm
Subject:Re: 4.0.1?
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>>>>> "Franklin" == Franklin Schmidt <frank@stripped> writes:

Franklin> I appreciate the desire to have bug-free releases.  I guess I am asking
Franklin> that messages be less misleading.  For example, your November
Franklin> announcement said "We will during next week release 4.0.1". 

Sorry about that;  I always try to not give exact dates and somehow I
missed it this time :(

When the above email was written, I was sure that 4.0.1 was to be
released the next week, but then we run into a couple of critical bugs
that needed to be fixed...

Franklin> Instead, it
Franklin> might have said "We hope to release 4.0.1 during the next week assuming
Franklin> no new bugs are found".  Your 4.0.1 release announcement said "MySQL
Franklin> 4.0.1 is now released" with no mention of the fact that the Windows
Franklin> version was not released.  This is misleading.  It would have been nice
Franklin> to say something like "The Windows download is not ready because ...  We
Franklin> expect it to be ready by ...".

Because of how our build process works, the windows release is always
2-7 days behind the source and Unix binary releases.

Many, but not all, MySQL users knows about this and I have simple
forgot to add a note about this the announce emails.

Franklin> I had some problems with 4.0.0a but I didn't bother tracking them down
Franklin> because I have been expecting 4.0.1 "any day now" for the last month. 
Franklin> Other people may have done the same which may be why no critical bugs
Franklin> were reported against 4.0.0a .

I agree.

We are going to create a new section in the MySQL manual that clearly
describes how we make releases and what could delay a release.  In the
future when we estimate when a new release will be ready, we will
always refer to this page as a way to clarify what we mean.  I hope
this will help avoid confusions like this in the future.

Thanks for taking time to comment on this!
I also hope that 4.0.1 will solve the problems you have found in 4.0.0!


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