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From:Michael Widenius Date:December 23 2001 2:08pm
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>>>>> "Franklin" == Franklin Schmidt <frank@stripped> writes:

Franklin> It has been a month since 4.0.1 was expected in a week:

Franklin> Could someone please give me a realistic estimate of when 4.0.1 will be
Franklin> released?

The problem was that during the final testings of the 4.0.1 version,
we and some MySQL users, that are using our source repository, has found
several bugs in the new query cache code that we had to fix before
releasing it.

During the testing of this, we have also done additional development
that we also have had to test throughly.

We think it's more important to get the bugs out BEFORE the release
than AFTER it...  

(After all, the biggest reason for getting 4.0.1 out is not because
4.0 has had fatal bugs, but because 4.0.1 has a lot of nice new

I am now again building 4.0.1 and doing release testing of this.
If things goes ok, it will be released tomorrow.
If not, it will be delayed until all known bugs are out.
(In any case, we are talking about days here, not months...)

I hope now one has anything against this way to do distributions;  It
may take a little longer to get a distribution out and it's hard to
give an exact date when it's going to be out, but on the other hand,
it will be much stabler this way.

If someone wants to get access to the new features faster, they can
always user our public bitkeeper repository....


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