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From:Michael Widenius Date:December 23 2001 12:59am
Subject:Implementing XML DBMS
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>>>>> "chenglei" == chenglei  <c5_l3@stripped> writes:

chenglei> Dear everyone:
chenglei> 	I want to implement an XML database supporting XQuery.I have implemented a
> demo of XQuery, but it only supports in memory XML document.I think the best way to
> implement it is to modify the source code of Mysql.So I will be very appreciative if
> anyone can give me some advices on how to begin exploring the source code, where i can
> find some commentary of the source, and where I can get some useful references.

chenglei> 	thanks
chenglei> Best Regards
chenglei> chenglei 

What is it that you have in mind to do?

Generally, I think it would be better to handle XML on the client side
than bloat the sql server too much.

If you could write a good description of what you would like to get
done, we will give you some hints of how to do it.


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Implementing XML DBMSMichael Widenius23 Dec