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From:Thimble Smith Date:January 3 2001 2:38pm
Subject:Re: MySQLGUI 1.7
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On Thu, Jan 04, 2001 at 01:08:01AM +1100, Koobs wrote:
> I just downloaded and ran it on my NT4WS box, what did you guys
> use to code it, vb1 ? [grin], i dont mind designing a sexy user
> friendly front end GUI for you guys if you want to do the back
> end code. This is just constructive criticism, and there is no
> offence intended but it look ugly :),

It was coded by someone who thinks that, if
    _sexy_ =df _looks like MS word_
then he'd rather not have it be sexy.

But we at MySQL all agree that, aside from the features of
mysqlgui, if it doesn't have a better interface (more consistent,
and yes, more mainstream) it won't ever be accepted, in the Unix
and especially in the MS communities.

While we expect the mysqlgui to continue to be used for some
time, there are other potential products in the works which will
use a more mainstream toolkit and will have a more standard
interface.  Hopefully most of the unique functionality of
mysqlgui will make it into the new GUI tool.

> you want to market mysql to the windows community? you hit
> them where it hurts, GUI user friendlyness and a WELL designed
> layout, then you start winning the war against the likes of
> MSSQL etc etc

We recognize he need for a good GUI - it's needed especially for
selling a MySQL package that has a "works great out of the box"
appeal that can drive sales.  You've gotta have a pretty picture
on the back of the box.  ;)  But of course, we also want a GUI
with complete functionality for server administration, database
design, and a query assistant.  The trouble is making such a beast
be fast, look nice, consistent, and simple.  And, of course,
finding the time to do it.  Progress is being made.

In the mean time, you might consider using Mascon, which is a
nice tool made by a third party (this isn't an official endorsement,
and I've actually never even seen the program (don't use Windows),
but I've heard that it's nice), or the WinAdmin tool, or PHPAdmin,
or one of the other tools that the user community has provided.  But
you also might like to keep mysqlgui around, even if it offends you,
because it has a few nice features that are missing in the other


P.S.  This thread shouldn't be continued on internals@... since I
doubt any code will come out of this very soon.  If you've got a
patch, then send it to this list for discussion; otherwise just
reply privately if you want.

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