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From:Michael Widenius Date:December 12 2001 9:01pm
Subject:Re: 'make test' fails on FreeBSD
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>>>>> "Colin" == Colin Faber <cfaber@stripped> writes:

Colin> How about having the make test warn rather than fail then?
Colin> No point in erroring out with a non-critical error.

I will fix this at once;  We didn't know about this until now.

>> [CUT]
>> >   password('test')      length(encrypt('test')) encrypt('test','aa')
>> > ! 378b243e220ca493      13      aaqPiZY5xR5l.
>> >   password('test')      length(encrypt('test')) encrypt('test','aa')
>> > ! 378b243e220ca493      28      $1$aa$4OSUA5cjdx0RUQ08opV27/
>> [CUT]
>> Hi! Such different is just because your FreeBSD have MD5 crypt() by
>> default, everything work fine, that's nothing wrong with mysqld.

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