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From:Paul Cadach Date:December 10 2001 7:17pm
Subject:Re: Mysql direct delphi
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From: "Michael Widenius" <monty@stripped>
To: "Cristian Nicola" <cristiannicola@stripped>
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Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2001 2:00 AM
Subject: RE: Mysql direct delphi

> Hi!
> >>>>> "Cristian" == Cristian Nicola
<cristiannicola@stripped> writes:
> Cristian> Hi there .. just a quick question .. why this direct mysql for
delphi had
> Cristian> been removed from your links?
> Cristian> If there is any problme with it i should better know so i could
remove it
> Cristian> from sourceforge too.
> Cristian> Regards,
> Cristian> Cristian Nicola
> We are moving all links from the MySQL manual to the MySQL portal
> section.  The benefit of doing this is that it's much simpler for
> anyone else to add new interesting links to the portals than for us to
> try to keep the manual up to date.

Links to ZeosDBO (Zeos Database Objects) added into software and Development
sections of MySQL portal.


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