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From:Michael Widenius Date:December 10 2001 8:00pm
Subject:RE: Mysql direct delphi
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>>>>> "Cristian" == Cristian Nicola
> <cristiannicola@stripped> writes:

Cristian> Hi there .. just a quick question .. why this direct mysql for delphi had
Cristian> been removed from your links?

Cristian> If there is any problme with it i should better know so i could remove it
Cristian> from sourceforge too.
Cristian> Regards,
Cristian> Cristian Nicola

We are moving all links from the MySQL manual to the MySQL portal
section.  The benefit of doing this is that it's much simpler for
anyone else to add new interesting links to the portals than for us to
try to keep the manual up to date.

The portals also makes it possible to for anyone to comment on an
item, which will make it easier for MySQL users to find useful
additions to MySQL, based on the knowledge from other users.

Can you please check if the link you are searching for is in the MySQL
portal section.  If not, please email us the link information and we
shall investigate why the old link was deleted.


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