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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 29 2001 7:37pm
Subject:Migrating xBase files to MySQL
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>>>>> "JR" == JR Ruggentaler <jr@stripped> writes:


JR> 	I wrote a Java app that converts the xBase files to CSV text files
JR> and used the LOAD DATA command. Load data was by far the fastest of the
JR> options I tried. Using LOAD DATA I was able to load ~99000 records in 30
JR> seconds. It took between 20 and 30 minutes using the other methods. I would
JR> like to modify MySQL or write a utility to load xBase files using the method
JR> underlining the LOAD DATA command. Do this sound doable?


JR> Can some suggest a starting point?

I would like to suggest that you shoud first try to modify the
db2mysql to write the result to a tab separated text file and then use
LOAD DATA to read the file into MySQL.

JR> I there any documentation on building MySQL on Win32?

If you are using Microsoft VC++, then you just have to download the
MySQL windows source and use the project files included with it to
compile MySQL.

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