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From:Michael Widenius Date:December 29 2000 3:43pm
Subject:High frequent updates to the same row
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>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Schelander <rschelander@stripped> writes:

Robert> I've got one row in a table that needs to be updated every 10 seconds.
Robert> My question now is how mysql stores that data? Is it written every
Robert> 10 seconds to the harddisk too? Everytime on the same position?
Robert> Could this damage the HD if this runs for a year or is this absolutely
Robert> no problem? The size of this single row is only one kB.

Robert> Thanks
Robert> Robert

This isn't something that should be posted to
internals@stripped;  Please don't CC this list for things that
are not concerning MySQL development.


PS: MySQL will write to the hard disk every 10 seconds, but this isn't
    a problem;  For example the block that holds the inodes for the
    /tmp/ file system is updated as often as this and the hard disk
    can handle this without any problems.  A hard disk can
    theoretically do any amount on writes on a single place without
    any problems!