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From: Date:December 13 2000 6:37pm
Subject:DB-Manager Algorithms Essay. Please help!
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My name is Daniel Åkerud, a swedish studen, writing an essay for my exam.
The label will be something like: "Database algorithms".
I know it is a complex task, and will ofcourse, as soon as possible,
specify more preciesly what it will be about.

I have thoughts about writing about, for example, how searching a
database will go faster by indexing certain columns in a table.
And what makes this same procedure slower by indexing wrong, or
too many. (Correct me if I am wrong).

I assume that there is a cascade of algorithms inside the code
of a databasemanager. There is no doubt work for me :)

Do you have any tips of places where I can gather information?
Do you recommend a book in this topic?

I have plans of investingating some of the code in several of the Open
Source databasemanagers out there.

Thank you,
I really appreciate your help!

Daniel Åkerud
SoftwareEngineering, Malmö University.

DB-Manager Algorithms Essay. Please help!13 Dec