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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 19 2001 8:27am
Subject:Re: MySQL 4.0 released
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>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Furgal <mikef@stripped> writes:


Michael> Monty and all:

Michael> I have re-applied all the Gemini table handler support and
Michael> ported it to MySQL 4.0.  It is too large to send as an email
Michael> so the patch can be found at:
Michael> There are 2 files in the patch, once for the configuration files
Michael> and the other for the source code changes.  Both need to be 
Michael> applied.

Michael> The table handler files themselves ( and ha_gemini.h)
Michael> have our (NuSphere) copyright on them, however as it has been 
Michael> mentioned many time previously, these files are based on the Berkeley 
Michael> table handler, so we can hold a shared copyright on the handler files.  
Michael> The remaining changes in support of the Gemini component are made to 
Michael> existing files that MySQL AB already holds the copyright to.  
Michael> You are welcome to the copyright of these changes too (even though I 
Michael> believe you already have it, as we have made no claim to it).

Michael> The bottom line is that you are welcome to the copyright on the code
Michael> for all the files/changes in the patch.

Thanks!  As soon as I get this in writing we will re-apply the patch.
Personally I think this email is fine, but our lawyers require us to get
this in writing. This is in line with the recommendations by FSF, who
also require to get things in writing for larger patches like this.
We have actively been communication with the CEO of NuSphere to get
this done, but haven't yet got this.  I hope we will get this in good
time for 4.0.1.

Michael> Please accept this patch so we can move beyond this issue and continue 
Michael> to have a technical relationship.  The business issues between our two
Michael> companies should not prevent the development and maturing of the 
Michael> excellent MySQL Open Source product.

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