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From:Michael Widenius Date:December 11 2000 11:41pm
Subject:SMP & MySQL under FreeBSD
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>>>>> "Rick" == Rick Jansen <Rick@stripped> writes:

Rick> Hi.
Rick> My MySQLd is using just one CPU in FreeBSD. How can i fix this? Running
Rick> multiple mysqld's isn't an option, all databases are somewhat related and
Rick> connected to eachother.. I've tried installing LinuxThreads, which went
Rick> well, but now mysql won't compile. Any hints and/or tips would be GREATLY
Rick> appreciated..

Rick> Rick Jansen

FreeBSD doesn't support multi-CPU:s for a threaded program yet (this
should hopefully been fixed soon).  I haven't yet heard about anyone that
has got LinuxThreads to work good on FreeBSD so unfortunately your are
on your own regarding this :(

Tim suggested that you could try to run the MySQL-Linux binary on
FreeBSD under Linux emulation, but this is only a wild guess...