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From:Alexander Belkin Date:October 1 2001 5:42am
Subject:Re: mysqld.trace troubles
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On Sun, Sep 30, 2001 at 10:22:24PM +0300, Michael Widenius wrote:
> Hi!
> >>>>> "Alexander" == Alexander Belkin <bell@stripped> writes:
> Alexander> Hi!
> Alexander> After thread recive SIGSEGV, in mysqld.trace no any records, that
> writed
> Alexander> before Segmentation Fault. This problem not caused by buffered output
> (i
> Alexander> already try to make _db_fp_ unbuffered, may be in wrong way?).
> To get unbuffered output in the trace file, use the 'O' for the
> filename:
> mysqld --debug=d:t:i:O,/tmp/ysqld.trace"

Yes. I do this. But i'am stupid. I try run mysqld under mysqld_safe, and
when it restart mysqld, mysqld.trace was rewrited...

Alexander Belkin
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