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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 29 2001 2:39pm
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>>>>> "David" == David Chippington <david@stripped> writes:

David> Hi all,
David> I am trying to use C code to alter results before they are passed back from 
David> queries. The code needs all values from a column to perform the necessary 
David> action.

I assume you are talking about UDF functions.

>> From documentation I gather I need to use procedures for this.

David> I can work out how to use the procedures from the example code in the sql 
David> source dir.

David> But how do I get the procedures known to mysql. Can I compile them into a 
David> shared object or do I need to compile them into mysql.

How to load the procedures into a running MySQL is explained in the
top of the file and also in the MySQL documentation,
in the CREATE FUNCTION manual section.

David> Any help or pointers to documentation on this subject would be greatly 
David> appreciated.

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