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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 19 2001 4:25pm
Subject:Two for My Wish List
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>>>>> "David" == David D Huff <David.Huff@stripped>
> writes:

David> Having used Nomad 4GL in the early 90's for over 5 years I remember some 
David> of the functionality I wish MySQL had.

David> My two favorites that I miss that are not yet in the planning are array 
David> field types and the across command.

David> You could define in the schema a field like this:

David> create db
David> model as array();

David> which would be only limited by the size of what you call now heap. The 
David> mainframe would give me heap upto 600 CYL.

What exactly would the above do?

Could you be kind and provide us with a real world full example of
what you mean?

David> The other is the across syntax which would allow me to list the contents 
David> of the array across the page. I had enormous fun learning how to do this 
David> properly!

David> ex.

David> list color, model from db order by model across(model);

David> Which would list across the page all the models and down the columns all 
David> the colors available for each model.

One problem with this is that this would not work with ODBC (or many
other database applications), because the number of columns would be
depending on the content of the WHERE clause.

Wouldn't it be better to have some general functions to transform the
result from one form to another ?

David> Well I'm dreaming but these two items would be very nice.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Two for My Wish ListMichael Widenius19 Sep