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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 14 2001 11:39pm
Subject:Eiffel API + C port
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>>>>> "Uwe" == Uwe Sander <usander@stripped> writes:

Uwe> Hi,
Uwe> as part of our project, we have ported the C API to the GNU Eiffel Compiler,
Uwe> SmallEiffel. The port itself is in fact just a small part of our project,
Uwe> are you interested to have a link to our SourceForge project on your portal
Uwe> section?

Yes of course.  We want the portals to contain links to all MySQL
related software!

Could you please add a link to this from the portal at:

Uwe> Because of the fact that we are using lcc-win32 as backend compiler
Uwe> under Windows, I have done a small change (a dirty hack, indeed) to the
Uwe> mysql header files; are you interested to have it in a clean version (#ifdef
Uwe> for lcc usage) to make the C API under windows compile out of the box with
Uwe> lcc?

Yes, please send me a clean patch that I can look at for inclusion
into the standard MySQL source tree.

Uwe> Regards
Uwe> Uwe

Uwe> P.S. Sorry, if I have chosen the wrong list

No problem, this is the right list.

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