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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 13 2001 3:30pm
Subject:Mysql direct delphi
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>>>>> "Cristian" == Cristian Nicola
> <cristiannicola@stripped> writes:

Cristian> HI all!
Cristian> After a lot of work i managed to have the mysql direct connection library
Cristian> for delphi. The library it is supposed to be released as open source under
Cristian> GNU licence. The question i have .. due to the fact that it is supposed to
Cristian> work with mysql i've been trying to stay as close as possible to the
Cristian> libmysql code.. is it ok with MYSQL to have my library released? I had seen
Cristian> that the mysql library is under LGNU .. but i'm not using the library i
Cristian> basically did re-writed it for delphi .. and i'm not really sure what to do
Cristian> nor how in order to not create you (MYSQL) any problems.

You are free to release your version on GNU or LGPL.

Thanks for asking about this!

Cristian> Looking forward for an answer and thanking you for the great job you do,
Cristian> Regards,
Cristian> Cristian Nicola


Cristian> ps: in the mean time for those who are using delphi .. they can look to a
Cristian> demo located to 

When you are ready with your project, could you be kind and add it to
the MySQL development portal, in the API section:

This will make it easier for more people to find your project!

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