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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 11 2001 2:03pm
Subject:Re: two identical header files?
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>>>>> "Dana" == Dana Powers <dana@stripped> writes:

Dana> I believe this is a product of running 'autoheaders'. The source repository
Dana> does not contain duplicates, but the source distribution ( .tar.gz ) is
Dana> created
Dana> after running 'autolocal;autoheaders;autolocal;autoconf;automake;' - so any
Dana> files that get created here you'll get in the tar ball ( like the configure
Dana> script, or all the files ).

The above is one part of the story.

Dana> From: "Dmitry Mityugov" <OxDD@stripped>

>> > mySQL 3.23.41. Files global.h and my_global.h in the include directory
Dana> are
>> > identical. Could somebody explain me why you need both?

The reason for the above is that we did at one point needed to make
global.h available in the exported include directory and we got a name
conflict with 'global.h'.

Becasue of this we export global.h as my_global.h.

In MySQL 4.0 we will change all source files to use my_global.h
directly, after which we will not need global.h anymore.

>> Another example: zlib/zlib.h and include/zlib.h.

The file in include/zlib.h is there to not have to add the path to
zlib when compiling the client directories.
I didn't want to remove zlib/zlib.h because I wanted to keep this
directory similar to the original zlib distribution.

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