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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 7 2001 7:14pm
Subject:mysql-4.0: rpl000009 core dump
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>>>>> "Timothy" == Timothy Smith <tim@stripped> writes:

Timothy> Hi, Sasha.  One of the replication tests is core dumping on me in
Timothy> mysql-4.0.

Timothy> thd is NULL, and is being dereferenced.

Timothy> This is with a source tree current as of Thu Sep 6 22:24:35 UTC.
Timothy> I used compile-pentium-debug with no args, and am running it under
Timothy> FreeBSD (but I don't think that's relevant to this one).


I am aware of this;  My latest MySQL change broke this and I had to go
to Sweden for a couple of days before I had time to fix this.

I will fix this tomorrow.


PS: Thanks for the backtrace!
mysql-4.0: rpl000009 core dumpTimothy Smith7 Sep
  • mysql-4.0: rpl000009 core dumpMichael Widenius7 Sep