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From:Kiyoko Takanabe Date:September 6 2001 5:06am
Subject:About Replicatation Features
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 I have questions About Replicatation Features.
(I sent this question to mysql@stripped too, but no answer so)

There is next sentence as follows (In Manual '11.4 Replication Features and known

>MySQL only supports one master and many slaves. We will in 4.x add a voting algorithm
> to automatically change master if something
goes wrong with the current master. We will also introduce 'agent' processes to help doing
load balancing by sending select queries
to different slaves.

1. about when do you introduce?
    will is it 4.0, will not ?

2. I expect that there is patch or proxy is advance developed in somewhere.
    Expecting any informations if anyone know.

 Kiyoko Takanabe

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