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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 4 2001 11:49pm
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>>>>> "SDiZ" == SDiZ Cheng <sdiz@stripped> writes:

SDiZ> I have done some benchmark on my machine against mysql-3.23.41 and 
SDiZ> mysql-4.0 (with laterest changeset from sasha for some test cases) on 
SDiZ> a dual P-II Xeon 550 with 512M ram on Linux 2.4.4.
SDiZ> The result is somehow disappointed for me as i can't see much performance 
SDiZ> improvment in mysql-4.0. And there is some performance degrade in 
SDiZ> some connect, delete/drop, order by, or key2.
SDiZ> Is this result expected? or have i done anything wrong in the benchmark?


The biggest performance improvement in 4.0 are for COUNT(DISTINCT) and
creating fulltext indexes.  Huge multiple-row insert should also be
faster, but this isn't yet enabled in the current code.

Sasha, already covered the case where some things are a bit slower.
(using binaries compiled with debugging).

For what new features 4.0 adds, that you can use to get faster
application code, please consult the 4.0 ChangeLog section in the

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