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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 5 2001 12:10am
Subject:Memory leaks?
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>>>>> "tobi" == tobi  <Tobias> writes:

tobi> Hello.
tobi> I'd like to have some help with a memoryleak. It's probably in my
tobi> clientprogram but I can't find anywhere in the documentation how to free
tobi> this memory. I found the leak using dbx under solaris. here is the trace for
tobi> the leak.

tobi> Found 4 leaked blocks with total size 32656 bytes
tobi> At time of each allocation, the call stack was:
tobi>         [1] my_malloc() at 0xe610adb0 
tobi>         [2] alloc_root() at 0xe610de64 
tobi>         [3] unpack_fields() at 0xe6106334 
tobi>         [4] mysql_read_query_result() at 0xe61078c4 
tobi>         [5] mysql_real_query() at 0xe6108624 
tobi>         [6] our_mysql_query() at line 211 in "mysql.c"

tobi> the relevant line in mysql.c reads: 

tobi>         if (mysql_real_query(mysql,query,strlen(query))){

tobi> after this I run store_result and if there was a result I doo
tobi> mysql_free_result, but this memory wont be deallocated. so I wonder if there
tobi> is something I missing? 

I did an extra check of the code but I could not find any reason for
how this could happen.

The above result should be freed by the following code

    if (result->fields)

Any change you could try to do a trace file that shows your problem?

Just follow the instruction in the MySQL manual in section 'Debugging
a MySQL client'. Note that to debug memory allocations, you should
configure MySQL with --with-debug=full.


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